We are SAAS cloud Services Company who specializes in providing end to end treasury, Risk, Trade Finance using AI and machine learning.

Global SAAS or Software as a Service stands market is valued at 134 Billion in 2018, which is expected to grow to 220 billion at a CARG of 31% through 2022-2023.

Our SAAS Tools provide various services to small time traders, importers, exporters, small brokers, MSMES, hedge funds, portfolio mangers to run our applications at minimum upfront cost and help speed up overall functionality of business organizations.

Product Suite

We offer a wide variety of copy righted proprietary software product Suites, which have unparalleled positive implications for speed of implementation cost of ownership, operational feasibility, yield enhancement and trading safety. Solutions can be deployed very rapidly and efficiently.

Proprietary Software

Product suites

Investment and portfolio services suite

Our SAAS will help in constructing the portfolios using various CAPM models, trading excess beta stocks and indices to generate yields higher than the standard benchmark. We help to Manage Tail risk for PMS, Brokers, Wealth Managers, FIS and Family Officers.

Yield management services

The software AI will provide yield curve risk solutions to manage the risk of bond, loan portfolios, using interest rate futures to hedge steepening/ flattening yield curves.

FX risk management suite

Forex module will provide custom tailored solutions for importer, exporters and traders, which will help to reduce the cost of hedging and mitigate the currency devaluation risk. With the use of various tailor made solutions like Risk Reversals, Wrangles, and Seagulls, which are specially designed to hedge Tail risk.

Trade finance suite

The trade finance software suite is agonistic to brokers and banker and help importers, exporters, and MSMES to avail buyer’s credit, supplier’s credit, and insurance credit.

EMM suite

AI powered electronic market making solutions is broker a agonistic suite which is delivered by cloud tech, for multiple asset classes which can be traded in real time continuously across multiple markets and geographies. The whole package can be deployed instantly from the cloud for trading multiple asset classes.

Risk management suite

Suite is powered with real time Statistical distributions, Probability distributions, calculating value at Risk, confidence intervals, portfolio distribution, extreme event disaster handling of skew and kurtosis Tail risk. Tail risk hedging services profit from massive market corrections and can be used alongside the traditional risk management and portfolio diversifications services.